The Bigger Picture

During my time in college, I created some of the best work that I have ever created thus far. A part of my college experience included creating a full, cohesive body of work, which I later called The Surreal Experience. My body of work is mystical.  I created little worlds of surrealism with a mix of subject matter to create a dream like fantasy.  I am heavily influenced by nature and reading books.  I enjoy experiencing new things and coming up with ideas for paintings that are a little familiar and a little weird all at once.  I get a lot of my inspiration from dreams that I have had and images I see on the internet.  I create these paintings because they are ideas or little worlds that I want to see in real life and want others to lose themselves in. 

I paint in a more realistic style because even though I am painting surreal, sometimes otherworldly scenes, I want it to look like it could truly be a part of this world.  I do this by adding contrast, perspective, texture and many other techniques.  That being said, I do make sure that you can still see that it is a painting because that adds to the fantasy feel, where as hyperrealism would make it look like a photograph and have a slightly different connotation to it.  I hope that my audience doesn’t just see the moment or little world I am trying to create but lives in it as well.

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