I have decided to do a series of mini drawings for fun and to better my drawing skills. I have been wanting to create certain images in my head for awhile now but I didn’t like the idea of painting them so I am setting the time aside to draw these images.

It’s a little hard to go from painting to drawing because the way that I approach the forms are different. In painting, if you mess up, it sucks but you can wait for it to dry and then fix it or just add another layer and it’s okay. In drawing, this is not the case. If you start out with a light enough color, it’s easier but not as simple as painting. This is another reason I wanted to start drawing again. To challenge myself in another way and not get stuck doing something a certain way because it’s what I’m used to doing.

Stay tuned for more details and progress of my series of mini drawings. I am currently working on a strawberry. It’s not done but I love the way it is coming out so far.

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