The River

I live for the moments when I can say that I have completed another artwork. It means that all the time that was put in, created something beautiful that other’s and myself can enjoy. Whether it is a commissioned piece, which in this case it was, or something that I created for the fun of it. I take pictures of each session of work because I want to show how it came to be the final product. I didn’t just start painting and then voila, there it is. No. It takes layer after layer after layer before I reach the finish line. For me, painting is a process and sometimes, I don’t know exactly how it will turn out. I might have an idea about how something will look but it is always better seeing it in person. Sometimes, I add little things to a piece of art because it needs a little bit of something else or other times I take things away that I had envisioned because it takes away from the piece and throws off the dynamic. That’s why when I see a piece for the final time when I am finished with it, I am a little surprised and almost always pleased with the outcome.

This latest project that I have completed, I was not working alone. My best friend and partner in this work, Alyssa Bastin, was helping me paint this commissioned piece and it produced this beautiful mix of art that I would not have had without her because we were both pitching ideas and contributing to the feel of the painting. This project, more so than some, ended up being a nice surprising outcome, and I loved the way it came together. Even if there were times that it was hard to find motivation or we were down right exhausted. It makes the outcome of the painting almost sweeter.

I was approached at a party a while back to do a mural on a shipping container. At first, I was super excited and I had all kinds of ideas. When I realized how much prep and work it would be, I was a little less excited but I’m glad that I took the opportunity in the end. The picture below is what we started with. The boat in front is to show the scale of the piece because it is huge.

We first had to clean the shipping container and then we had to prime it. Let me just tell you, that wavy surface was not nice and made the process so much harder than I had anticipated. The next image is after we primed the whole shipping container, even the top.

Now that already looks a ton better but that was not even half the work done and it took hours and hours to do. I do have to say, this project taught me a lot. I underestimated how much time and energy it would take as well as money it would take to complete the project, even with a whole lot of research. This will help me going forward on similar projects. I also learned that I really do not prefer doing murals. They are a ton of work. This next photo we are probably halfway done with the painting itself with general outlines of the objects.

And this last image is the final product of two months but obviously there was a lot of stuff that came in between the last image and the one now below.

I am thankful that I am done and I do not have to think about this project anymore but I’m also thankful that it turned out so well and that I got to spend time with my friend as we worked on this interesting opportunity/project.

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