Little Mini Paintings

When I got engaged, I thought about what I was going to give away as gifts for the guests. I wanted to do something unique but I was always looking for ways to save money on the wedding. I had a lot of ideas but I finally settle on making little paintings for the guests. I bought a pack of 75 5″x7″ paintings and got to work. I took this as an opportunity to try some things and subject matters that I wanted to try for fun instead of the type of art to sell.

I had always wanted to do the pour art that I see people do all the time. You can do it many different ways and with different stuff and I liked how different they could turn out. For the first 20 paintings my mom and I did the pour technique. I loved how these came out and how many different combinations.

I knew that because I had so many paintings I needed to finish, I was going to run out of ideas so I decided to paint an idea four different times. It took me over a year with frequent breaks in between but I finally finished them all. Below is a picture of all the different paintings I did.

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