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Art Fair

There are many different paths for artists. You can go into a specific field, become an art teacher, graphic designer, museum curator, etc. You can set up a website and sell yourself through social media and other online means. You can get representation through a gallery and they sell your stuff for you. And/or you…

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I have always avoided doing portraits because I was seriously bad at them but I wanted to push myself to do something outside of my comfort zone and I was in this mood where I wanted to draw something verses painting. At the time, I was seeing a lot of really cool portrait drawings on…

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Sapphire Mural

It’s always exciting having a conversation with someone new about my artwork. It is incredibly satisfying when someone wants a piece of art I have already created or wants me to do a new project for them, especially when it is someone that I do not have much or any history with. Having someone that…

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