Everything Art


I have decided to do a series of mini drawings for fun and to better my drawing skills. I have been wanting to create certain images in my head for awhile now but I didn’t like the idea of painting them so I am setting the time aside to draw these images. It’s a littleContinue reading “Strawberry”

Work in Progress

In the last month, I have had a lot of time on my hands and have used that time to start on a few commissions. This has helped me continue working on artwork after graduation college. I’m trying many different ways to stay productive and continuing to make things. Right now I am doing aContinue reading “Work in Progress”


It is super important to continue to make art if it is something that you love and are passionate about. Do not let years go by where you haven’t created anything. Make time in your busy schedule to do an hour here and an hour there. I’m definitely not saying that it’s easy, because it’sContinue reading “Productivity”

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