Mural Projects

I am a professional with a wide range of skills and experience. I love what I do, and I do it with passion. I look forward to working with you.

Sapphire Landscape

Indianapolis, IN: Completed in 2022

This is a removable mural I did for Sapphire Strategy. The owner, Jenn Lisak Golding asked me to do a mural for the interior of their offices. She needed something that was not permanent but had the scale of a mural and something that would bring some interest to the office. This mural consists of three 5’x2.5′ canvases put together to make one big picture. She also wanted the colors in the landscape to reflect her brand colors. I created this landscape with lots of blue elements for this prupose.

The image to the left is the result of three months of work.


Danville, IN: Completed in 2021

This was a mural done on the side of a metal shipping container that was about 8ft tall and 15ft wide. In front of the mural, which depicts a river scene, is a trailer of painting supplies.

I completed this mural with the help of my friend Alyssa Bastin.

The Seasons

Quincy, IN: Completed in 2017

This mural was done on a wooden fence that was about 6ft tall by 20ft wide. It is a depiction of the changing seasons; spring, summer, fall, and then winter.

I completed this mural with the help of my friend Alyssa Bastin.

Want a Mural

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